Minister Mouynes Highlights Panama’s Commitment to Protecting Oceans During Blue Leaders High-Level Event

As a member of the “Blue Leaders” group committed to securing a new international target to protect at least 30% of the global ocean by 2030, Panama participated in the signing of a declaration during COP26 to advance ambitious goals to protect the ocean.  

Prior to signing the declaration, Panama’s Foreign Affairs Minister Erika Mouynes delivered remarks on the strides Panama has already taken to protect its oceans and environment.  

Panama has put actions behind its words,” said Minister Mouynes during the event hosted by the government of Belgium. “We signed an alliance with Suriname and Bhutan, the only two other carbon-negative countries in the world, to share unique best practices and technical expertise as countries search to reduce their carbon footprint.” 

Mouynes highlighted that Panama has protected 30% of its land area, including its forests, respecting the country’s indigenous communities. She also remarked that Panama is home to one of the main waterways of the world – the Panama Canal – and with that comes great responsibility and opportunity.  

“We’re not aiming for 2030 – we have already issued the protection of 30% of our oceans,” Mouynes said. “We have made combatting climate change, and in particular protecting our oceans, our top priority.”