Foreign Ministers of Panama Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.

President Biden Highlights Panama’s “Inspiring” Partnership with Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic to Strengthen Democratic Institutions

Speaking at the Closing Session of the two-day virtual Summit for Democracy hosted by the United States, President Joe Biden applauded Panama’s partnership with Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic to advance the “Alliance for Development in Democracy” (ADD), a recently-formed regional group dedicated to strengthening democratic institutions and unlocking new economic opportunities for citizens of the three-member nations and neighboring countries.  

“I’m so encouraged by the energy and the enthusiasm we’ve seen to rally people around the world in support of our shared democratic values”, President Biden noted. “In advance of this Summit, the presidents of Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic formed an ‘alliance to strengthen democratic institutions’… to cooperate on transparency, human rights, economic development, and strengthening democracy throughout the region.” The alliance, President Biden continued, represents “the sort of inspiring commitment” that will be central to safeguarding shared democratic values throughout the Americas in 2022 and beyond. 

Panama’s Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes said the partnership reaffirms Panama’s historical ties with Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic and provides a clear mandate for the three nations to work together for the mutual benefit of their democratic institutions and citizens. It also creates an opportunity for member states to work more closely with the United States and other global democratic partners to address the key challenges facing Central America and the Caribbean, from irregular migration to economic inclusion to climate change. “The Alliance for Development in Democracy is a strategic link to [form closer relationships with] partners such as the European Union, the United States and [partners in] Asia… with which we will promote employment and new opportunities for the citizens of our three countries,” Minister Mouynes explained.  

Over the last three decades, Panama has solidified its democratic tradition, expanded its support for human rights, press freedom, and transparency, and cemented its reputation as a staunch advocate of multilateral cooperation to address shared challenges. Panama’s delegation to the Summit for Democracy affirmed the country’s commitment to further strengthening its own democratic institutions while forging multilateral partnerships with like-minded governments during the forthcoming “Year of Action”, before the world’s democracies reconvene for a second Summit next year.  

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